Flux Capacitors, Non-Initiation, and passing time in boats with invincible people.

  1. Non-Initiation

If I could get ahold of a ‘flux capacitor’, and go back in time with Michael J. Fox to the 1950’s, I would probably run around like and try to get the teenagers of the time not to start smoking. I’d enlist Doc Brown, Marty McFly, and Biff to help me get the message out (take those kids that are starting to smoke, get them in a headlock, and tap them on the head until they promise not to start).  Those kids who were teenagers in the 50’s to 70’s’s are the fifty to seventy year olds of today with lung cancer… I’d say “Don’t start!”

In the absence of a time-machine, the next best is just not to have teenagers start smoking. I’m pretty sure that between building a time machine, and having teenagers listen to sage advice from adults, that one is impossible –  I’m not sure which one.

On your fishing trip, if you have teenagers around, or even young adults who are old enough to make their own decision, but still young enough to feel invincible (be stupid), just don’t let them try cigarettes if they are available. If you are smoking around them (say in the boat), don’t let them have a drag, and maybe when you look at them you can put your cigarettes away for a bit.

Laws are put in place to stop teenagers from starting smoking, such as restricting sales of cigarettes, getting rid of flavoured “starter” cigarettes and cigarillos, and banning smoking at high schools (when I was young, there was an attempted ‘walk-out’/protest at the school as the teachers were allowed to smoke in the smoking staffroom, while students had to freeze outside – times have changed), which help, but laws are broken all the time.  Laws are also not in place for 18 yr olds or 22 yr olds, but they have all the features of an ideal target market for tobacco – they still think they are invincible, they don’t have alot of friends with lung problems, they need to fit in, and they want to look older.

Just don’t be a part of it.  Either don’t smoke in the boat (ideal), or if they ask for a smoke (because they had a couple of cigarettes when they were away at University and now want to show you that they are a real adult), tell them to Go Fish.