Cajun Man and 7 Ways to Reduce Death and Suffering from Lung Cancer

Adam Sandler had a character named Cajun man when he was with Saturday Night Live. When I think of the top ways of lowering death and suffering from Lung Cancer, I somehow develop a Cajun Man accent in my brain, and everything ends in “shun”, or, in a Cajun man accent, with “shone”, i.e. non-initiashone.  When looking at chest x-rays, one of the doctors I learned from developed a cajun man accent to teach me how to assess whether it was a ‘good’ x-ray – i.e. look for rotation, inspiration, and penetration – for some reason it was easier to remember when I pictured Adam Sandler saying it.

For lung cancer, the seven are:

1.  non-initiation (not starting smoking)

2. cessation (quitting)

3.  non-reinitiation (staying quit)

4.  detection (screening in some cases, early detection in others)

5.  operation (surgery is still the best treatment when it can be done)

6.  radiation (radiation can help cure some cancers, and help relieve suffering from others)

7.  medication (chemotherapy, immune therapy, pill therapy)

8.  palliation (helping patients live without suffering for as long as possible, and have a good death).

I’ll be spending a blog post on each of these, but will add in some camping/fishing posts too.

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